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I am wondering if anyone can help
Me with a few questions about Northfields. My kids are age 12 ( boy ) and 9 ( girl )

1. Are your kids happy there and did they settle quite easily ?

2. Is it difficult to get in and how soon before does one need to apply.

3. What are the annual fees , I can't see anything about fees on the site.

4. As far as where kids live on the island that attend that school where are most kids based who attend Northfields.

5. As a new parent did you find it easy to make friends via school ?

Thanks so much in advance

Regards Cara

Any Northfields parents on the post ?

Hi sorry I did look at Northfields & West Coast International & I decided on West Coast loving the school my daughter who is 15 says it's a very welcoming place. Sorry not much help.

Thanks so much Patricia , my husband will work in Mapou so its a good option for us travel wise ?
Maybe its worth looking at West coast also, ideally if I could choose would live in Tamarin.
Where do you stay ?

I stay in flic en flac the school is 5 minutes from me. There is a school bus that goes to Tamarin for the children I looked at the distance as I'm not working in preferred Flic en Flac but a personal choice.

Hi, we're hopefully moving in January and our son (9) will be going to Northfields, so I'm watching this post with interest :)

It was a personal decision so I'm not saying anything bad about Northfields I'm sure your son will be very happy there.

From what I gather on the forum Westcoast sounds like a lovely school, and I think may be a better fit BUT for us with work etc we need to be in the North.
So then Northfields looks like the best option. Would love as much info as possible.
Regards Cara

We enquired at West Coast for him to start year 5 in January 2017, but they were unfortunately full. They did offer to put him on a waiting list though.
Northfields had space, and my husband went to look at the school and he was very impressed. So here's hoping 😀 It's also the reason we're looking to move to the North

Amazing to hear , we are going to have to go and look and see. I am sure my 2 will be happy there.
Where are you moving from?
Where are you looking at staying in the North ?

Hi Kara

My family is also probably moving to the north of Mauritius at the end of 2017. Our daughter will be 12 and we are also looking at Northfields. I have contacted them now as I hear their waiting list can be quite long.
Have you made any further decisions about the school yet?

Our daughters will go to Northfields this August. Does anyone have contact details for the bus company? I am hoping to find out details about the bus leaving from Jumbo Phoenix. Thanks!

Mine start 25 April , I don't know about the bus at all. We moving to Perebere in 2 weeks so all very busy at the moment.
What years are your girls going into ?

Good luck next month! Our girls will be in year 9 and 12

So excited to see you guys Cara!
Marja, if you contact the school they will give you the information for the bus service from the part of the island you are coming from.

I'm from Brazil, my daughter in in 9 year. The school is amazing

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