My country- not on e-visa list.

Hi guys.
I've been researching alot on evisa. But my country of origin is not amongst the evisa countries.  However, I got in contact with some hotels in Bahrain but most of them only give business visitors visa. The hotel that gives tourist visas told me that under their sponsorship,they cannot apply for visas due to some technical reasons. So,my question is.. if I decide to travel and come get a visa upon arrival, what problems will I encounter?  Hence, I don't have an American or British passport.  My nationality is Namibian. What options am I left with in this case?😕

Hi there.
If your country is not listed, unfortunately, you can only visit Bahrain as a Business visitor or with a visit visa that friends and family get for you.

You may be disappointed if you turn up here without a visa, and then are not given a visa at the airport. Do take the cost and effort in consideration before deciding this course of action.

All the best.

True. I'll consider the only options available. Thank you for your good advice farhaz.

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