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Hello all. 

Is there anyone that can give me some in site on working in Dubai and the cost of living.


Hi Renita,

Do you have any specific questions ?

You may go through the threads of these two categories of the forum :

- Working in Dubai

- Cost of living in Dubai

You may also read the articles relevant to Dubai in the Living in the United Arab Emirates guide.

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I found videos of others like me that are already there that gave me a better insight of what's like living and working in Dubai. And I got a lot of detailed info.

Those were my specific questions!


Hi Renita,

1. Better to check Dubizzle housing to get an overview of the renting cost.

2. Check the Dubai Metro costs: … planning_1

3. Check the buses prices:

4. Check the taxis fare: … lator.aspx

5. Food cost is around 1300 to 2000 AED for one person/month but differs from a person to another

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depends ..if you live in jumeirah or deirah ..if you want to go out or eat in ..basically you can libe with 2000 dirhams or 12 ooo dirhams. normally if your educated your company should provide for your housing ,accmodation, youl have allowances for car ,etc. if its a simple job like housemaid youll live in so your cost will be reduced .if your amanager is a diffrent deal .if you want to live well you need around 6000 dirhams as a minimum .if you want ro send money home youll beed a 10000dirhams salary

Thank you for your help. I'm looking forward to living in dubai.

Does it take awhile to here back about jobs when you apply?

depends if you apply with a multinational max 3 month with a smaller firm 2 weeks

Okay. That helps. Thanks.


My husband and I are looking to live and work in Dubai. Can you give us some insight on cost of living? How much you should accept on an offer? Would we be able to kepp our home in the USA?


Are you able to answer any questions that I have in my post?

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i had been working in Dubai for last 10 years now.


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