Life in Marrakech

Hi All,

I am in the process of moving to Morocco from England, it is a HUGE step for me as I would be leaving my family in England..... having visited Morocco a few times for business and vacations I have decided that it is a country where i feel at home, i love the liberal attitudes, the fact that i can eat anything, any where any time and do not have to seek out "halaal" restaurants etc :-)

I have a few questions;

1. if anyone else has moved from UK to morocco, can you advise if it all panned out as you expected it to or did you dream move turn into a nightmare???

2. How do i make new friends in Morocco?

3. employment, i was thinking of teaching English for free in exchange of learning the native Moroccan language, has anyone had any experience of this? or is every jo blogs doing the same thing?

Fortunately I have some investments in the UK which earn me £1400 a month, so im sure i will not have to work in Morocco but i get bored if i have nothing to do so i will seek a job even if its jut to meet people.

I do enjoy nights out and will be looking to be out every friday and saturday night, unfortunately it seems all the bars and clubs are full of certain types of women...... u know what im talking about..... so can anyone advise on where to go and what to do to avoid these "certain type of women".

I hope i have not offended anyone, im just trying to weigh up if its worth me moving to morocco as going there as a tourist and living there are 2 very different things.

any advise would be HUGELY appreciated.

Hi nask007,

from what I've seen, there are lots of English expats, some having said that it was a big cultural shock, and others that managed fairly well. It all depends on your personality and what you like, but if you won't need to work that's a big plus: as you may know, Moroccan wages aren't high and they may just help you pay your flat each month, not more.

About new friends it again depends on how you are, if you prefer meeting up with expats in the bars where they tend to meet, or just hanging out with Moroccan acquaintances that you get to meet every day by just moving around.

You can certainly teach English and get Darija taught to you for free, but I'm not sure how that could be done, let's say, in public places. Think that what most English-speaking expats do as soon as they move to Morocco is get a job in English teaching.

About the "women" that you mentioned, I'm afraid that the onlly way of knowing is going out and analysing their movements so that at the end you can recognize them from afar :)

If you have any further question, you can send me a private message and I'll be glad to help.


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