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Im just getting settled in to Jeddah and now wish to attend social functions.  How do i enroll at the British consulate so that i get notified ect of all the events ongoing, planned.

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Find a friend who is already attending events and ask them to sponsor you. At least that is how it works for the American Consulate.

Another way would be to join the British Men's? Business Group ( again not 100% sure of the name)

Thanks for the advice  " stressedmom"  its a start point. Will take a look



Are these events open to nationals of their respective countries only? Would be interested in the American events, I miss home!

Hi Fareedae

I used to go to the American consulate yrs ago in Khobar. It was multinational who got/went in and i understand its the same now ( TBC)

I think you need to know someone there to be able to get in ect. wouldnt hurt to give them a call if your a citizen.


I went to British council and register my email and my interests. The following month I get update on every venue on my interest.
Hope that help :)

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