Any recommendations on the cheapest time of year to travel there?

Hello!  My name is Kimberley, I moved to Edinburgh from Ottawa, Canada, 9 years ago.  I love Scotland and have tried to tour it as much as possible, still not been to the outer Hebrides, Orkney or Shetland yet, but hopefully soon.  Cost of travelling to the islands can be high, any recommendations on the cheapest time of year to travel there?

I am a member of Old Saint Paul's Scottish Episcopal church, and I enjoy knitting and crocheting.

I am a member of a local curling club and also on a softball team.  If you fancy curling or playing some softball, just let me know!

Hi Kimberley and welcome to :)

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For Shetland you will probably find it is cheaper to fly than to take the ferry but with flights it will be just a case of being flexible and monitoring prices online day by day to look for bargains. The other islands are not so far away so the ferry prices are not too bad.

Make sure to check that the ferries/buses are running as sometimes the outer islands do not have certain services running due to lack of tourism or weather!

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