Hii Sir,

My question is I am having a employment pass namely DP10.
Now I want to change the visa from old company to new company.
The new company has all valid documents full filing the employment pass.
which document do I need from the previous company to apply visa in new company.
And is it necessary to take release letter from them.
The VISA IS EXPIRING 15th feb 2017. when should I change the  VISA stickers


Yes, the release letter is required by the new employer to apply for your visa. Other wise the old company have to cancel your current EP and you have to go back to your home country then apply again...

Many Thanks for quick response.

What is the process for cancellation of the current Visa?
How many days will it take?
Is there any cooling period also required after the cancellation?
Can it be done like firstly new employer gets the DP10 approval & meanwhile the last company Visa can be cancelled.
So as to fasten up  the process time?

The process i know through MDEC is:
After you resign, the current company will provide release letter or NOC and initiate the current EP cancellation.
You need to submit the release letter to the new company then they will apply for the new EP through MDEC. MDEC will provide them an acknowledgment letter of your new EP application submission. This acknowledgment letter you have to give to your current HR then they will complete your current EP cancellation process. For this cancellation they need to send your passport to immigration.
Once the current EP is cancelled then the immigration will process stage1 for new EP... if stage1 success then stage2 will be processed...

Regarding the cooling off period, according to the new immigration rules its applied to EP with category 3 only. Check the following link. … yment-pass

You need to know which category your EP is.
Category 1: Monthly salary greater then RM4999 and contract period is 24 or more months.
Category 2: Monthly salary greater then RM4999 and contract period is less then 24 months.
Category 3: Monthly salary between RM2500 to RM4999.

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