Full-manual motorcycles under $1,200 USD?

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a $1,200 USD or less, new/used fully-manual motorcycle with a clutch. Ideally, I'd like a bike with: low mileage (newer model/new engine), 150cc or less, small frame (I'm only 5'2") and good for inner-city riding. Currently, I'm looking at the Suzuki GN125 and Honda CBR125 motorcycles.

Are there any other models that I might be able to find with the above requirements? Also, how practical/impractical is a fully-manual motorcycle for inner-city driving? I have experience with semi-manual motorbikes and have taken safety courses for fully-manual motorcycles in the past.

Thank you all in advance for your suggestions!

Low speed city stuff ~ consider a scooter.
Plenty of 110 to 125 cc stuff around in Asian countries, and really handy in bad weather as the footwell protects your feet from the wet after rain.
These fully auto scooters are light and easy to drive.

To be honest, your requirements don't sound right for city riding. Riding a clutch bike in the city is a pain, have you thought about the semi-automatic Honda Blade. Costs about 900usd new and is geared but no clutch.

Admittedly, automatics are awesome for city folk, but being a clutchy person
I have always preferred power.   My current is a SYM Bonus which is as
quick as a cut snake, and open country cruising is a breeze, 300km from
a full tank and nil problems.  Not even a flat tyre.  (But Murphy will fix that!)

City riding is a pain only for those who cannot select neutral...

I only paid $400 from (desperate) backpackers who 'had' to leave, but if I
could convince my Jewish gene, a Lifan 150 would be my dream.    Sigh...     :happy:

Yes, Honda have the name, and resale value is proof.   Also, if reliability is
a priority, best choice.   Spares are exy, but always available (everywhere)

Good hunting               :top:

Honda grom or msx 125 perhaps?

steaksauce :

Honda grom or msx 125 perhaps?

Are those easily found in Vietnam? Do you know where? @steaksauce

Kylele.net has one but carmundi perhaps or if the local honda dealer sells used, then look there. Might be tough to find for 1200 though.

I always (try to) find the lowest common denominator
..and work up from there...    In this case, Honda Win.

Backpacker ads  are the best source.   Especially those who
'have to leave tomorrow'  Read as; I'll take anything you offer!

(Just make sure it has a blue card - and the numbers match)

Works for me.   ..or is it my Jewish gene..?      :unsure

Best suggestion is @colinoscapee's. But upgrade for $50, a new Honda Wave RSX is a fuel injected, fancier version of the Blade. Still sb under $1000 (although dealers charge what they can get). Semi automatic, lighter and more responsive than an automatic. You are probably new to Vietnam and see motorbikes as less cool, less fun than a real "sport bike" motorcycle. Consider:

Negatives of road bike in city: long turning radius, constant clutching/shifting in traffic, no room to carry anything, heavier, uncomfortable for your girlfriend, looks like you're showing off your money, thief magnet, extra attention from cops. Good for highway or Sunday driving is how I look at road bikes.

More advantages of a motorbike: Brand new for under your $1200 limit. Vietnamese will think your are cool on your new bike, and fit right in. I would avoid the used motorbike market unless you have a knowledgable, trustworthy Vietnamese friend who can look it over, who knows the tricks that are played. A new manual shift Exciter is over $2000.

One disadvantage of a semi-auto motorbike for me, because I am tall, is my left leg is too long for the small bike, so it is bent with knee forward. I cannot shift down by rocking my foot, I have to lift my foot and tap the rear part of the shifter to downshift. So I have an automatic Airblade, which is fine. Sometime I might get an Exciter for Sundays.

Honda motorbike page
Yamaha Exciter page

If in the city I would just get a scooter, no need to change gears and they are enough fast.. even if you go out of the city sometimes still automatic would be the best.

I do own a manual bike, and the stop and go traffic is really bad for clutch!
I use my bike mostly  to go roadtrips, but also do some shopping.

jonairz :
steaksauce :

Honda grom or msx 125 perhaps?

Are those easily found in Vietnam? Do you know where? @steaksauce

They are not easy to find, and new ones cost about 50-60tr

Thanks @gobot, I think I will go with the Airblade. As everyone else mentioned, it sounds like a regular motorbike will be much more practical in the city.

I am selling a manual motorbike if you are interested 110cc

@Clevelandkid, I sent you a PM

I'm trying to convince my wife to allow me to buy a GN 125.

I had one in Canada along with my scooter and other motorbikes. Whenever I rode the GN 125 I knew to keep a straight line. They are not nimble as a motorbike. And not great for the city because of the constant clutching and stalling if you don't clutch in. Your left hand is not free as a semi-automatic motorbike.

But I want one just for the fun factor.

Hello Fellow Motorbike Enthusiast,

I am selling a Honda 67 motorbike that has been with me these past two and a half years on regular commutes through the city as well as the raod trips rough the central highlands and even the northern loop near Ha Giang and Lao Cai.

The engine was rebuilt a year and a half ago and upgraded to 110cc and comes with proper paperwork/blue card registration. Price is 15million VND.

In addition to the engine work, the bike also has a larger carburetor for stronger performance as well as an upgraded suspension, front shocks, rear rack, and raised handlebars for comfortable cruising.

I will include a helmet as well as some bungee cords if needed lol. Please note however, only blue bungees available.

Safe travels

Hello  :cheers:

For all those Looking to buy or to sell their motorbikes, please refer to the appropriate section of the site :

> Motorbikes for sale in Ho Chi Minh City


Thanks Kenjee for pointing me in the right direction!

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