Day care/preschool for special needs

HEllo people
I need a day care ,pre-school or a center for my 2 years old son with special needs ,i need a safe place where he can spend few hours with other kids and learn new skills
Any where in alkhobar

I apreciate your reply

Saad Hospital......look at the side. They have a social needs centre.  Can't really think of any others, but if I come across one I'll post it.
Good luck

Thank you for replying , we will take him to Saad for rehab but i still want him to go to a daycare or preschool to have fun with other kids and with time (maybe few months) i will  able to get a job and have a place for him.

Try the school up the road from Saad Hospital, Al Bayan Gardens......not sure but possible

Hi,  were you able to find a special needs pre--school? If yes, please share details as i am also looking for one.


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