The process to becoming legal in Namibia?

Hi my name is Kenny and I plan to go to Namibia, yeah. I've seen and heard its a beautiful place, almost like SA but forty years in the past. Which is not a bad thing looking at SA at the moment. I hear the people are friendly, honest and extremely open. Also I hear the people are working hard at making Namibia great, which is important, because if the people can stand together for the same cause it can never fail. And I would love to be part of such an amazing concept. Where I am and where I come from people tend to not stand together. I'm going to visit Namibia for the sake to live there and start the business I have always been dreaming about, all I need is people willing to make a positive difference and working together. So to get to the point I need to know how to get legal in Namibia. I heard that you need a ID or something like that? Any help would be great thanks.

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