Renting house in Dusseldorf, Urgent!


Currently I am looking for a house for my new life in Dusseldorf starting from September, 2016.I come from China, will work and live in this city.

I hope the house include a kitchen, a small garden, at least 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and parking space.

Thanks for your attention, need your precious information.

Marina with regards,

Hi Marina,

could you please post your ad in our housing in Dusseldorf section ?

Many thanks,



House-hunting in Germany can be difficult and time-consuming, especially oin the major cities like Duesseldorf.
Landlords are conservative and careful in selecting tenants. They don't normally agree to  rent their place to you without having met you in person - and neither should you agree to rent a place that you haven't viewed!
Thus you can only start your house search after arriving in Germany. And you should arrange for temporary accommodation (hotel, B&B or serviced apartment) for the initial time.
Please also note that renting cycles are long, with the minimum termination notice being three months (by law) and most nice places being advertised and quickly snapped up shortly after the previous tenant gives (or gets) notice of termination. Thus be prepared that you must sign a rental contract many weeks before you can actually move in.
You should take a German-speaking friend along for the viewing and contract negotiations to avoid misunderstandings.
Housing agents, which usually charge you 3.5 months rent for their service, are only worth the money if you need something very urgently - or if your company pays for it.

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