Permanent Visa or Citizenship (with a Brazilian-born Child)

My wife and I are both US citizens. We've lived in São Paulo, Brazil, continuously for over 3.5 years now, and our two daughters were born in Brazil. We have had our Permanent Residence for over a year now, so I know we meet the time requirement for requesting/applying for Brazilian citizenship as parents of Brazilian children. My wife and I have seriously looked at the option and were hoping to get the input of others who have done the same.

From my understanding and research, there is nothing incompatible with applying for Brazilian citizenship and maintaining our US citizenship. However, does anyone have personal experience how dual citizenship affects taxes, both in Brazil and in the US. For what it's worth, we both work and receive our paychecks through our US based employers. That obviously is in the short-term scope, and we're just as curious about how future implications (i.e. job changes, retirement, etc.) would be affected.

A possible alternative I've read is the Visto Permenante (VIPER). I know less about this option, but from doing some research it looks like we would qualify due to our two Brazilian born daughters, too. The pros to this approach would be the elimination of possible tax implications. However, I'm unsure how long this document would be valid. Would it be indefinite or is it only valid until our girls turn 18 or 24 (depending on post-secondary study)?

While having permanent residency is great, I know that in the near future that we'll be in the US for my post-graduate program that will have me out of Brazil for longer than two years. I'm trying to understand what is the best course of action so that we could return to Brazil when we want - either while our girls are still under our guardianship or in our empty-nester stage of life.



I haven't got any responses yet and I'm still hoping to hear from others. James, in the off-chance you see this, I'd love your perspective as you seem very well versed in the options available.


James is deceased.  Personally permanent residency is alli ever want. however  you said you will be out of Brazil more than 2 years. That will cancel your permanency.

Wow. I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know; I read so much of what he's posted over the last few years and he was clearly a held a treasure-chest worth of knowledge on documentation issues in Brazil.

But thank you for the response. So even with (two) Brazilian born children, that will cancel the our permanent residency? If that's the case it looks like the option left would be to pursue citizenship.

You could come back once every 2 years. There is no minimum stay. you just have to get the stamp in your passport.

I tried to apply for naturalization and for it, I submitted my documents to FP. The officer of FP took my all documents and explained to wait for his calling. He wrote my phone number and lastly, almost one month passed  that he did not put a call on my number. He did not say to fill up the application form. What should I do about this surprising??

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