Renewal of work Visa

Dear friends,

I am going through a very confusing situation that I would like to share with you all and May be your inputs can help me to decide something.
My work permit (for Malaysia) is going to be expired in next 15 days and application for renewal Will be submitted by my employer team soon. I am not sure if they are already late in submitting the renewal application or is it standard timeline. Earlier I was told that employer need to apply for renewal at least 6 weeks in advance. Understand from employer that they overlooked my visa expiry and noticed today only after I reminded them.

Can anyone share his/her experience if they have gone through the renewal process in Malaysia.
Once renewal application is filed, do I need to leave the countey or not.

Thanks in advance.


That is pretty late indeed. You should apply about 6-8 weeks in advance. I'm not sure about the penalty if your visa is not renewed and you are in the country. Ideally, your HR should be able to provide answers.

I have renewed by work permit before and it's zero-hassle, provided you give it well in advance.

Hi Carlyle,

Thanks for your reply. Update is application for my visa extension/ renewal Will be filed on 13th September whereas my current visa is expiring on 16th September . I have been told by my employer that first they Will see the possibility to apply for a special pass.
Do you believe that within 3 working days, I Will be given special pass?
I am worried as visa expiring on 16th Sept. It should not be the case that my employer ask me to leave the country at last minute. As I am staying here with family.
That is why putting personal efforts to understand where I am right now and what can be consequences of if there is no such kind of special pass.
Any input on this Will be a great help to me.


I am unaware of any special pass. Hopefully, someone else will comment if something like this exists.

Now a days renewal process is online and only by employer or authorized agents, Which takes very less time if all documents are perfect . No need to leave country, its employer responsibility to get new EP within time.

Dear Friend,

Please I seek your advice as I am now in same situation like you .. my EP extension is rejected as the original one expired ans also my Visa is expired. What happen with you in my situation??

hanywepco - is the company going to appeal the rejection?  Do you know why it was rejected.

Urgent step is to apply for a Special Pass


Making Arrangements to Exit Malaysia
This type of Special Pass is granted in cases where foreign nationals need to extend their stay in Malaysia for less than 30 days (for instance, if the foreign national is not able to leave Malaysia before the expiry of their current pass). For this, the foreign national needs to provide a copy of a flight itinerary, showing the intended date of departure from Malaysia and if approved, the Immigration Department may extend the pass up until the intended departure date.

As you are staying in Terengganu you should go to the local immigration office immediately. You may be required to purchase tickets to leave the country within a certain number of days. Enquire locally.

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