EP got rejected ..

Need some help if any one experienced this situation before.
I am holding DP and got a job in bank however my EP got rejected by MOM. Reason is I have mentioned my distance learning MBA details in form now came to know that college is back listed from 2014 and my MBA qualification is not valid. Which I didn't know earlier about this college .

Is there any other way I can get this job . And if apply any other job and file my EP again with new company how will MOM treat ? Are they going to cancel my EP again ?

Did not get your query clearly. You are holding a DP or EP?

Secondly, it is always wise before you declaring/submitting a certificate to any government authority or legal authority, try to check its validity and authenticity and status of the issuer. You can't say that the college had issued the certificate which was blacklisted and you are not aware (even though you are not aware of) as it appears to be incorrect and the Govt. may think other details could have similar issues too. Please be careful in future.

In future, you should not declare your this distance learning MBA certificate (practically it does not have much weightage in the market unless your distance course is from a highly reputed institute which MoM is recognized). A regular or full-time MBA or an executive MBA has the great value and weightage if institute is recognized by MoM.

In future, if MoM ask why you didn't declare the part time MBA which you had declared earlier? Tell them the truth that last time you were not aware of the status of the college, and after knowing it was blacklisted I have removed in my declaration.

Wishing you good luck.

Thanks for your response. I am holding a DP now . After getting the offer company has filed My EP. Which is rejected . Is there any other way to join this job ?

Please apply LOC ( letter of Consent) to MoM and upon approval then can able to work legally. Please visit MoM website to get more details on procedural part.

Never mind, go through the below link to get the details on how to apply. … of-consent

Appreciate your response . Thank u !

The company could also apply for an S-Pass for you, which does not require a degree.

Remark: Distance learning degrees are generally not recognised by MoM (because of too much abuse and faked degrees in the past).

You should be able to work in Singapore with DP. Please check again with your employer.

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