Customer care in Togo

Hello everyone,

The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in Togo and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in Togo?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in Togo?

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Hey Priscilla!!!

Regarding Customer Services there are different opinions as per industry. For Electronic goods I have no idea as I got fully furnished apartment so I did not buy any thing here but what I have heard is if you buy from authorized dealer you get the after sales services but if you buy from black market there is no after sales.

Regarding Restaurants you get amazing home delivery services (of course you have pay the delivery charges)

Regarding super markets they also give you excellent after sales, home delivery ect.. services.

I hope you will find this useful. Any specific question, please do not hesistate to ask.



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