Customer care in the Netherlands

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The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in the Netherlands and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in the Netherlands?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in the Netherlands?

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For what it's worth; my experience is that at most levels, the Dutch are professionals and well trained in their careers.  The counter to that is that the Dutch (IMO) are rather straight talking, to the extent that I never experienced in the UK - must be the German blood (read the words to the 2nd line of the Dutch National anthem). :)

Hi Priscilla,

My experience with customer service here in the Netherlands has been a good experience. There are most of the times greeting you when you enter a store and after awhile will ask you if you need help. In smaller business will have a longer conversation and show interest when I say iam a foreigner  and don't speak the language. Overall the Dutch are friendly and professionals at their work. 😀

The assessment by Cynic reflects my experience as well. The Dutch are quite straightforward with their approach and are well-trained in their service. Speaking English in Amsterdam is very common, to the point where locals seem to rather enjoy speaking with native English speakers.

In contrast to North America, service (depending on the industry) isn’t always provided with a smile, nor is there an intent to create an experience. This can come off as being rude to some, but it’s simply business with the Dutch.

I agree with the fact that your experience will most likely be a pleasant one in supermarkets or restaurants. On the contrary, if you have a problem in your house and you need to talk to your provider, then you need tons of nerves. My worst experience is with an internet provider: when we wanted to announce that we don't want a contract renewal, all of a sudden they had a fault in their system and while they would take money from my boyfriend's account every month, the account was supposedly on a different name. We had to call numerous times, be put on hold forever and ended up with having to send a written letter so as to prove that he was the owner of the account. I must say that these Dutch customer service employees surely equaled my horrendous  customer service experiences back in my home country!

Worst is NL.... No such thing as Customer Service here...

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Nalaka from Sri lanka

Agree with the most of you.
The majority are well trained, friendly and experienced.
But there are some jerks too, specially in the telemarketing or in the "ripp off " industry.
But then, it is not only in the Netherlands but pretty everywhere.

What I absolutely not like is when the staff is following you and watching you closely as if you are an aspirant thief.

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