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The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in Mauritius and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in Mauritius?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in Mauritius?

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In my opinion Customer Service skills have always been lacking wherever you go in Mauritius.  I have noticed in the last 2-3 years things are getting better but that is only with the multinational organisations.

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Well concerning the subject of customer care in Mauritius, there is still a long way to go to see what can be a satisfactory customer experience.

A simple example: the absence of any politeness when you enter any store. It seems that no one from the salesperson to the owner of the store knows how to say hello, thank you and goodbye, unless you are white skinned in which case as soon as you set foot in the store you will have the best services. What is unfortunate is that such lack of manners will not change soon...

Now concerning after sale service, do not expect much. The after sale service team is likely to be highly reluctant to take your faulty product even if it is still under warranty and put the blame on you, thereby allowing the store to escape quite easily from warranty obligations. Now, if you are lucky that they are willing to repair the product, well, you will have to wait for very long until they give it back to you in a hopefully repaired state.



I was always treated kindly..whether on the the market or in a shop. I think if you have a kind attitude you will receive a kind one back. They do not always understand what we want, but with pictures and drawings we managed well!

I am from service industry and I can tell with multinationals or local business, there is technically no customer service, business are effected, last Friday i visited APEX for purchase of MacBook and iPhone 6s, which makes me a potential customer, resulted in a walk out , APEX store had 5 sales person, all glued to cash counter , while I walked around in the store for more than couple of mins and still nobody actually tried to approach me, and when I approach to the cash desk with a question mark on my face, without any greeting or expressing , I see everyone pause still like they have no clue what they should ask me.

Knowing system and its problems , I ignored and quickly went on to ask availability of items I liked on the display to be purchased right now, one of the guys requests me to wait, and return back;s with a paper in his hand and tells me they have nothing in stock and I should pay now and should get delivery next day, I felt bad about apple franchise, and I asked how are you in business without any stock running a shop in Bagatelle, and he answers with a smile , in Mauritius you have to order first and then you get delivery .

Very good experience and warm attitude always

If you are looking to buy Apple products you are going to the wrong place to start with.  You must go to iSpace Technologies which is on the 2bd Floor at 1st Cybercity Building.  You will be surprised with the warmth of the technicians and sales person.  APEx provide virtually no aftersales service.

Thanks Vedan, I will check them out.

Ask for Mustafa n you can quote my name

I think that customer service in Mru has long way to go before it could be considered as good service. We have all new , modern shopping malls, shopping centres in Mru which look beautiful but its all pointless , unless they improve the customer service. Companies can spend millions on infrastracture ,so why cant they spend little bit of money on training their staff?

It is difficult to generalise, you can find the whole spectrum from the most professional customers care including expert advice and swift handling of after sales issues right down to the dholl-pur-chewing giggling sales girls who consider every interruption of their conversation an insult and companies that cease to exist as soon as they have sold their stocks. A rule of thumb would be: If you are looking for courtesy and professional advice odds are that you are better off with big, well established companies. Sales persons in smaller companies are often instructed to persuade their  customers to buy anything at all rather than discourage them by professional advice from buying a less suitable product. If you already know what you want, smaller companies might be more flexible on price and delivery. For after sales service and warranty issues big companies are generally a safer bet, but be ready for surprises! COURTS Rose Hill used all tricks from denial and blunt lies to endlessly repeated empty promises to dodge a warranty case for 8 months! As far as delivery of ordered and paid goods is concerned watch out! Here the big companies can sometimes be more unreliable (CASH and CARRY is among the worst!!!!!) due to bad organisation of their delivery dept. Be prepared to sit at home for 3 days waiting for delivery and being put on hold for hours every time you call the delivery dept.! Since very recently COURTS seem to have changed their staff and I have had an excellent service from COURTS Belle Village. Generally people coming from Europe or Australia may often be struck by the lack of courtesy when walking into a shop (rarely a "hello" , almost never a "bye bye" if you didn't buy anything) either the salesperson ignores you or follows you through the showroom as though you were a potential shoplifter. The ones amongst us who knew communism might feel reminded of the seventies.........

Apart of this that it is too slowly and customer care skills varies, my experience is positive.

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