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The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in Kuwait and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in Kuwait?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in Kuwait?

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Generally CC service in Kuwait is good.
Small family run stores tend to be better, than large franchised outfits, but this is just my rule of thumb.

in Kuwait one of the difficult Department is Customer Service, if your dealing specially after sale customers. I handle in my 13 years IKEA Kuwait most of Difficult customers, listening skills will be the important tool,

Bought headphones from xcite at 49kd ($168). A nut sheared and they fell to bits in less than 30 days. I took them back and was told they had to go to the service centre as it was outside 14 day return time. Service centre said they couldnt be repaired and offered me 50% towards a new pair. Like I'm going to buy a second pair from them after it fell to bits in less than a month! They couldn't have cared less and I think in most places you will find similar.

Last week bought a washing machine from Geant, it was delivered and installed, after 2 days it wasn't working as there was a fault saying door is not locked. After contacting the store 3 days after purchase they pushed me off onto samsung who said it would be repaired not replaced as the original packaging had been destroyed and thrown away on installation. The technician came while I was at work and claimed the washing machine was fine. They then decided to say the job was fixed and cancelled it on the system. I rang again to say the fault is occurring and was told if the mechanic doesn't find a fault I will be charged! It's hit and miss to say the least, and the service part of customer service is almost non existent if there is a fault.

I lived in Kuwait from 2011-2012. Excellent customer service was the exception. Larger stores such as chain operations were especially miserable. Customer Service enquiries are routinely ignored. The only outfit with a decent record in the whole country was, but many of the participants in that restaurant delivery service were miserable and uncaring. An exception to complete misery was LuLu. The Kuwait situation is no different than in the rest of the Arab world, however. Customer Service is generally an unknown concept or left up to the imported low-wage workers from Third World countries with little or no proper guidance from above.

I have to mention LuLu customer service, as well. You have to be a little persistent, but they have come through for me in the end. Talabat is also good.

I bought a Kenwood Food Processor from The Sultan Center, one piece broke off immediately. Customer Service said I had to contact Kenwood. The number they gave me was not good, nor was any number available in the booklet that came with the processor, or any number found online.

I feel the place you made the original purchase at should be responsible for defective items they sale. If it is less than a month, they are the one that should go through the headache of contacting the manufacturer.

Oh yeah.................Sultan Center doesn't apply your award points as they advertise, either................that is all  :|

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So tell me what should I do to help in yr case ?


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I see . Thank u so much for yr notification.
But I can share saying that Kuwait is an open market place for people of different nationalities, so without customer care , profitability of any company is very weak
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honestly the customer service is not the best but is above standards.

I will sort of rate them based on retail organizations I know and have dealt with:

1) Alshaya (hands down - dont argue with me) and almost 60% of avenues are alshaya stores

2) ikea and talabat

3) sultan center ( you need to push them but they are good)

4) Apparel, AAW ,

5) Yasra (really good after sales )..

i may have forgotten some but feel free to add on

Service customers is easy when understanding products, I worked sales agricultural fitting for irrigation , seeds , chemical fertilisers , bestcid and green house , iam understand because iam agricultural engineer 3 years work in Kuwait company and how  convince customers .       Ibrahim moussa egypt

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