Customer care in Ethiopia

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The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in Ethiopia and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in Ethiopia?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in Ethiopia?

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Nice subject to discuss. What is your interest ? Or are you creating a Study / Report ?

Having stayed there many times, I am able to participate, if required.

Thanks, Richard.

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Priscilla is a member of the Team. These topics are often launched on all forums so that expats can share their experience. It benefits those who are planning to move to Ethiopia.

Do not hesitate to share your personal experience if you wish, it will be highly appreciated.

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Hi Priscilla

The customer care in Ethiopia is quite appreciative......

Consecutively travelling (6 to 7 times in a year) to Ethiopia to look after my sponsors work....

People are cooperative and helping nature.. I walk around the streets to book shops, coffee shop, hospitals, restaurants, private taxi, entertainment places... In all above categories, people welcomed and upon request, guided me to the  right direction with better advice..... A incidence that occurred in Addis Ababa with me:  Had dinner at outside restaurant and walked around to go to hotel but suddenly heavy rain starts at 9:30 pm .. I am looking for Taxi but couldnt found and my clothes wet with rain.... Then 2 unknown  girls stopped the car and asked to sit inside.... For a instance, i got feared as i do not know them but they drop me to the hotel,safely and said we knew that you are  new  to this place...

Most importantly,,,, Private sector business is not guaranteed unless any business deal to be officially documented with attestation.... As personally and in general,,, people are cooperative at Addis Ababa.....Delicious food with low cost.... Nice Atmosphere with max...27 degree centigrade to summer...... Live Animals (goat & sheep) and Seeds is countries best business.....Best tourist place too.... Irrespective of caste, creed and color, equal rights to all & due respect to tourists guest...

For more information, call me ***

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia....

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Almost 90% of services in Addis Ababa don't know what customer service means. The private sectors or do late me start the government services. It is such a problem finding the right information within the company or the organisation or the department. I feel sometimes the people working with hold information on purpose. It needs a lot of work to improve the system.  Training training training

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Lack of system is every where.... If raised Govt sector issues then we must go back to ancient records or  history....A intellectual is always creates the atmosphere of development but these people were below the poverty line... If compared Ethiopia with Ghana, Somalia, Nigeria, Eritria etc... then far more better... The king Negis (Najjashi) was popularly known for his justifiable rule..

Correct me, if i am wrong.... But overall,  walking in and around at midnight as a stranger is also found to be safe, averagely....There required a business management institutes & orientation of modern hospitality methods...... Entertainment is part of their lifes and otherwise hospitality exists in their heart....

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Just i noticed regarding threats is concern...... Shall avoid to post personal details in future....

Hi Arif,

So you compare quality of service with Somalia, Eritrea and Nigeria !!! Really !! That is a rediculous comparison. You are comparing "bottom" of the list, with "bottom" of the list !!

Attitudes need to change fundimentally, for service to improve. No customers, no money, no business = no jobs.

Personally, my experience of service in Ethiopia has been, below minimum acceptable standards, on any scale, including African standards.

Hi Richy,

I am not comparing quality of services with them.... The common people of Ethiopia were enjoying the Music as part of their life..... They are innocent .. None teach to them, what is customer service is about? but work with them shoulder to shoulder then the fact is known.... Its example is : 1+1 =2 but for Ethiopian to make understand is to keep a object and explain to get into their brains....Do not catch  their mistakes at same time during  daily routine work otherwise, shall stop work from next day.... The best way is to Appreciate them that its good and then say, Try and see by another way and let me know the result.....Later, explain the advantages of new method..... Show or teach them once and see, how do they follow you......Basically hospitality is in their hearts, traditionally.. Now, we need to polish their skills diplomatically to meet to actual quality services....

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As a customer, I am not intetested in a diplomatic discussion or conversation, to get some soap in the bathroom or fresh towels !

Also, I see that you are also endorsing a threatening / corrupt stance, by suggesting that "they would not turn up for work the next day" !!

It is the responsibility of management, to train their staff in the required skills of their job, NOT for the customer client to "help them understand or teach"


Absolutely,,, i agree with you.....

Lets hope for the best in future....


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