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The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in Bulgaria and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in Bulgaria?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in Bulgaria?

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That an interesting topic!  I can directly say one word that describes all types of practices: VARIOUS :))

however, probably if a foreigner comments it will be more appropriate, so I will leave the ground for s.o. who comes form a different country.

And probably the comment on his/hers experience, like the DSK and Vivacom topic.


Hi Priscilla,
Sadly I have had a very bad experience with *****. Bought a Diplomat water heater there which stopped working after three months use. Took it back, they repaired it and it broke again 3 weeks later. Contacted Diplomat and they told me that P***** had made a repair using non-authorised parts. Told me to take it to their authorised service centre in Veliko Tarnovo. Got there and it was closed - did not answer phone.
So 3 trips to VT for a water heater that still does not work. Not sure what to do now especially as my Bulgarian is not great.
I feel I am being badly treated as a customer who has spent thousands of lev in *******.
If you have any advice it would be appreciated

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In general I would say the customer service in Bulgaria is poor... shop owners rarely offer a greeting and wait staff can be difficult to flag down. Many customer service positions seem annoyed when you ask for something.

However, it seems to be shifting slowly towards better customer service, especially in cities and bigger stores. Big chains like Happys or zora offer great customer service (that said, technomarket offers appalling customer service.) But things seem like it might be looking up.

Yeah, generally I find customer service poor.
and thateven includes The Tourist Information Centre in Varna!!
And you will get very little help,  if you don't speak Bulgarian at the Varna coach station!
Supermarket cashier's often  look blank and unhappy.

Hit and miss at restaurants/cafes/bars.
Happy Grill train their staff to a good standard.

You'd think that waiters/waitresses at other establishments would catch on, that you get much more chance of a good tip if you try to smile and be pleasant.

My experience has been a mixture of good,ie a friendly smile & thank you in some store,s,,,,& rudeness or scowls,as if they have been threatend !!!!!!,,,people should not be working in public service if they are not polite,why?,they lose customers,,,,,,i ordered 230 roof tiles on pallet from builders yard,,lorry turned up & would,nt unload tiles unless i paid him,,have been told since that alot of companys are just delivery,no unloading,,,,,,,,,Had Big Fridge Freezer delivered,,,nearly killed me unloading it with driver(Big Scowl on his face),,,,,,,,& yet my Local CBA store,,all staff are very polite,maybe cos they know me,,,,,so room for Big improvement,,,,,regards eddie

I have got to agree with the majority that customer service is near non existent.
I have tried to talk to maybe bring out a response, in a way it makes me wonder if they feel that being polite is not required therefore it is not used often.
I believe that it is best to not expect, then take whatever you get as a bonus.
This said a supermarket assistant may not be as approachable as a bar tender, or hotelier, car hire companies are normal more talkative but then again you have to answer questions regards their services.
It is certainly a long way away from most countries I've visited, but you have to start somewhere I guess and trying to encourage a response of any type is worth a go, not saying it'll work though surly looks or disinterest seems quite deep seated!
Unfortunate but true, you can normally gain a persons trust only in time then a rapport can be established, but if you only go on the theory of first impressions you''ll be left without much appreciation for your quality of care or service.
Be happy and positive! Steve.

My experience is contrary to everyone else's. I have found customer service to be ok.

While it took about an extra week to get internet installed, the phone and in store service at vivacom was fairly helpful, esp the guy who helped set us up initially. In VT the hotel staff were helpful. Three kitchen didn't mind cooking for me when they were sitting up for the night. Petrol stations still have attendants. People offer help in department stores.

Overall I have no complaints. It is on par with what I got in NZ.

customer service in T max Sevlievo is excellent, helpful and polite with some English for those who struggle with the native lingo

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