Customer care in Brunei

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The way customer services are handled can greatly affect your views on certain brands, products, companies or stores. As a consumer, it is important to get familiar with local practices regarding client assistance in Brunei and try to understand how things work in the country.

How would you describe your customer service experiences in Brunei?

Do you feel welcome when you enter a store? Do you get useful tips and advice?

Are after-sales services available in Brunei?

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Customer Care and Service are foreign concepts in Brunei. Businesses ans shop assistants just do not care about service.
This also applies to Malaysia.
So don't think you will get the smile and the offer to help here.

Yeah.. depends on which shop that you're going. Even I'm a Bruneian also experienced the bad service. Some shop they will smile and greet you.
Countries that I've been.. The best costumers service are in Italy (Milan) n Switzerland. Rest of the countries, i.e Scotland, Aberdeen, other part of Italy, Prague, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.... Just so so.. Same applied to Brunei (4 districts)..

I guess it's the way their management trained them. Proper n good management, the service rep. will do a proper welcome.

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