Median wage for farm assistant in Denmark

Hello everyone.

I am currently residing in Germany but i'm looking for a new adventure in my life and i have been offered this position in a Danish farm.
The employer is asking me what i'm looking for when it comes to salary expectations but i have no idea what to ask for.
I have no clue what the median wage is for this type of work.
I found alot of info related to other positions but for this type i seem to be out of luck.

Anyone out there could shed a light?


I know absolutely nothing about this field.
I take that the pay is characterized by the many east european workers who work without a contract.

On this website:
you can find the union's collective agreement and an overview of the wages.

To give you an impression of the pay, you shall know that the unemployment subsidy amounts to 4,180 DKK per week (2016-figures).

In addition, you may be offered food and accommodation. The tax authorities (SKAT) estimates the value of this to 39,640 DKK a year.

I hope this information will help you.


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