Working in IT?

Hi There,
Does anyone here happen to work in IT in Slovakia from the UK or other country?

My wife and I are in the process of selling up and moving to Slovakia, possibly in the next few months. It all seemed quite simple(ish) until I started thinking of reality and a few questions came to mind.

My main concern is the OS language. Is it generally English, or Slovak? My guess is that it depends on the company you work for?

In terms of support, either with end users or with contracting companies, when liaising with the likes of MS support etc., is that in English, or are you expected to speak Slovak?

I have had lots of interest from companies who want English speaking IT staff and the money seems amazing for Slovakia, however I'm not sure if the language will get in the way?

I'm looking to move to Bratislava, so hoping this will mean more English speaking people and give me more time to learn Slovak properly than if I was to move to a region such as Liptovsky etc?

Any advise appreciated.



check, all jobs are there
IT support with English spoken is appreciated

Im working in IT here , all english speaking , no probs with lang in bratislava.
Most of my workmates speak english better than me , and im native speaking :)
Is your wife slovak ?

Hi. Do You speak English?

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