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I need some advise.i am running my home business in Riyadh, it's cakes business,I am trying to spread my business in Riyadh with my possible resources  through Facebook pages  but still I am not getting good response, pls any one can help me what r the good options for my business how can I advertise it in a professional way thanks

Facebook isn't a very good place to advertise in KSA. Many of us think it is good but in realty, it's not. Look at the statistics of the people who use FaceBook in KSA. It's available on Facebook website. Most of those won't be interested in buying cakes. That's the simple reason you are not getting good response. Even if you get paid service from Facebook, take my word: It will be useless. For a simple reason: the guys you are looking for aren't mostly there.

My simple suggestion: Carry on with FaceBook (whatever you are doing - to cover the guys who might be interested) but advertise via other social media platforms as well; Twitter and Instagram which are much more popular and there are the customers you are looking for. Focus there.


Never miss a chance to advertise your business. Here I can see you already missed by not telling us about the business you want to promote.
Use multiple social media channels but only 1 out of 10 posts will get real attention. I would like to add SnapChat and Instagram as ideal place to promote business, then Twitter and Facebook.
Google tips to advertise home business using social media to learn more.


I have a home business (as a hobby though). My observations is that there aren't a lot opportunities for advertising in KSA unless you pay a lot of money to use the TV screens shown at intersections, billboard signs, those special newspapers with only classifieds or the classified sections of the newspapers. Social media works to some extent but must go hand in hand with word of mouth. Best thing to do is leg work, print out your own advertisements/business cards or have some professionally made and go door to door. Put them on door handles or slide them under the doors. Put them under car windshield wipers as well. Not sure if that is legal but I have seen it done all the time. Also go to the markets and hand out out the ads yourself as long as there are no signs forbidding you to solicit on the premises. Give some to family and friends to help hand out. Finally, I am convinced that THE best way to build up clientele is to open a store as believe it or not, some people don't like to shop online (whether they have access to internet or not) because they want to SEE/FEEL or even TASTE what they are buying with their money. Nor can you expect them to trust the quality of something sold from a home business because some people are convinced if it is sold in a store, then it must be better quality.

Thank you so much

I Think Instagram is the best for Small business advertising, The Ministry of Commerce and Investment established a great system called "Maroof" to arrange online shopping  on Instagram here is the link for their website :
Instagram :

actually, I was having a small business too but I'm in Grade 12 so it's my last year in school so I must study hard as I can't concentrate in my small business management and studying it's a hard equivalent, but I'm happy to help anyone. I wish you the best and never give up, keep safe.


I have never used Instagram, how can I advertise on it if people's don't know me, i mean how can I advertise my business if they r not my friend list?
Need help

actually, you can follow people and use hashtags to get customers here is a store you can check it out to see how it works :

Is there any way to register a home business in KSA?  I'm fairly new here and don't know much about how things work. Any advice would be most helpful.


Maroof link is in Arabic
How can I advertise on it , I  can't understand Arabic

My husband is a native Arabic speaker. He said the submission form is also in Arabic and there is also no English version available for the whole website.

Cake businesses are popping out here and there on Instagram. So it's a good time. Though you have to find some advantage. As for me, this service was helpful for growing my audience

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