How much amount is required to open a good restaurant

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I want to open a restaurant in Malaysia. One friend is asking to invest in Malaysia. Kindly help me out that how much amount is required to open a good restaurant.

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Hello there, well I have a friend that opened a restaurant last year. I would say roughly about RM400 000. Which includes :

Fixtures and Fitting
Rent and deposit
Start up utilities deposit
Full Kitchen Equipment
Start up raw materials
Hiring of staff (kitchen 3 - 4pax, floor staff 4 - 5, and a supervisor/cashier)

And you'll need to sustain your monthly expenses for at least 6 months

Minimum wage in Malaysia is RM1000 now. However there isn't a lot of people who wants to work for RM1000 per month these days. I would say the cheapest floor staff would be around RM1500 per month. A chef or cook in a normal small restaurant would be around RM3000-RM4000 per month minimum.

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