Food Ingredients - Green Mustard

Hi guys,

It's your friendly neighbourhood guy again - and this time, I am posting regarding foods! Basically I'm going to do a little bit of home-cook on my own cause I'm missing hometown dishes already!
(I guess all expats know how this feels very well - since I'm from Malaysia, I'm missing every bit of the "Mamak stalls" (roadside stalls) that sells Roti canai (baked flat bread), Laksa, Kolo Mee and of course, Kueh Chap (Broad rice sheets serve with pork in Chinese herbs soup!!) (Slurrpps~)

Ok, back to the topic. Of course, I know, to find all these ingredients here in the Philippines will be carrying water to the sea, thus I am not having all these in my mind to cook it here myself. However, I've been trying very hard to search for these two ingredients particularly here in Bonifacio Global City, and even went all the way to Chinatown in search of these two items, but sadly to no avail!

Thus, I'd highly appreciate if anyone could give me a heads up on where can I look for these two - namely - Kai Choy (Green mustard) and Suan Mei (Salted plum), attached together photos in this post.

Mabuhay, and have an awesome week ahead, people! :)
#LiveLoveLife - Kai Choy (Green Mustard) - Suan Mei (Salted Plum)

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