al rehaab or al madinaty

My family and i will be moving to Egypt, can anyone advise me on either of these locations?
and if possible any recent photos both places.

Both are good places, they contain lots of green areas. Al rehab is more crowded and contains more services like malls and restaurants. Madinaty is pretty calm but more far from the city than al rehab.
I would recommend al Rehab.

Than you very much for reply. Very helpful.

Hi there, I have been living in al rehab for a week and it is great. Quite green but enough areas of quit to get away from the craziness if you want to. The supermarkets and souks are fine for day to day stuff, and the bigger hyper style markets are about 20 mins away by taxi which does not cost very much at all.

Thank you very much, do you have any recent pics of al rehhab?all the ones i can find were taken 3-5 years ago..

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