Do very few people rent their homes in Croatia?

I have been contacted by an old British man who is currently living in Austria. He asked me for details of estate agents in Croatia as he wants to rent a house somewhere quiet and peaceful. I looked at a few property websites but there seems to be hardly anything available for rent. Most of the agents only seem to deal with sales. Do very few people rent their homes in Croatia?

In Split there are many furnished and unfurnished apartments for rent. The problem here is that many only rent long term from September 1st to July 1st since they can make so much money in July and August. Our apartment would be only 500 Euros a month if we went from Sept to July. But it is more for the whole year. It is furnished and very close to the beach in a quiet neighborhood.
We were lucky and found a place and we signed a contract with the landlady in order to obtain our temporary visa that lasts one year.
Good luck...

Sorry, I should have said that I'm not talking about the coast as that would probably be too expensive for this chap anyway. The rural inland ones I did find for rent were not that expensive, somewhere half decent was 250 Euros a month and you can rent a dilapidated vine house for as little as 50.

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