Money Money Money

My girl sings it every time we have to go to the police (or govt.)for something...

Money, Money, Money
Only like that
Don't waste your time.
Ah A Aha Ah AAAA!


Anyone else know the song?


You have a very smart girl, Zeppy.   Hang on to her!


I could be smarmy and say 'Welcome to the Rat Race',
(  ..the same one we ran away from...  )

For by saying  'we have to go to...    ..for something..?'
You are also buying into (their) problem. 

Connect the dots...        :happy:

Better still, ask the ABBA singers if they are happy
in (their)  'rich man's world'
            - and understand their answer -        :idontagree:

Ha ha..yeah. Her older brother gets a little pissed if he finds out we took the "easy route" to get something done. She don't seem to mind though..."In Vietnam is normal". She says...



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