transportation in Phnom Penh Airport

travel to Phnom Penh Aiport, we need to be notice of the cheating of transportation in airport taxi. As you can understand from their website, normally town area only cost US$9, but the counter staff will direct give you US$12 receipt directly and insist you to get it. If you really go thru the website of airport transportation and the fare charge on the wall of counter, you need to argue with them. This is every time I make it when I reached airport as I stayed in Phnom Penh 5 years. Beside, the counter staff's or taxi driver will keep request tips from you as well too. I have called to the Taxi Association regarding the service, and suggest to be computer print the receipt with location list out to be fair and not affected to customer/tourist as well.
If you take the tuk-tuk to town, it will cost US$7, but paid more US$2 will get the taxi with air-con and more safety as well.

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there are hotline of those taxi....

1./ Choice Taxi = 010-888 010

2./ Red Taxi Rouge = 096-606 0601

3./ Meter Taxi = 011-311 888 or 010-311 888

4./ Great Wall Taxi = 010 311 666

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