Ubud Accommodation safety?

Hi guys

We are a family of 6 planning to visit Bali, Ubud in particular and cannot wait to see this beautiful part of the world. Unfortunately a friend of mine,  told me her friend was murdered in Ubud and sent me the link to the article. I was deeply shocked and saddened, i know this can happen anywhere.
It seems it was a burglary gone wrong, ie she woke up and saw his face. I've been told if this happens to keep pretending to be asleep? I will have 4 young children with me, as my husband might be overseas for weeks at a time for work. Could someone advise me on the current security situation? Someone advised that sometimes landlords work with burglars and houses watched?  Any help or tips would be grateful, we plan to get involved in the local community. I've seen great places  to rent outside of the main area  but are isolated? Any reputable websites/businesses/people i should contact?  Thanks cannot wait to visit  Peace.

I've just found the Ubud Watch online,  which has great information

Crime on all levels is rather rare in Ubud.  Violent crime is almost unheard of. 

Ubud has been my permanent home for the past 17+ years and where my wife and I are raising our three sons.  I can't imagine a place more safe to be honest.

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