looking for my algerian father Abdurahman Amine

He worked in Lagos Nigeria in 1974 with a french company. He left Nigeria for Paris France

He left Lagos to Paris in 1974?

Mathematically, there are infinite numbers of possibilities as to where he would be.

Pay a visit to Paris and contact the nearest 'commissariat', hopefully you find something...

How to start the search when i get to Paris? It's been my problem

I will tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes:

1- I would ask my family members about all information that could lead me to him, e.g., the name of the company he worked at, names of his coworkers and relatives in Paris and Lagos. I would get at least the city he left to, if it was not actually Paris.

2- I would then look his name up on social media sites such as FB, SC, IN, and WA, look up my family's, his friend's or coworkers' lists (profiles), and see persons who live in France (at least as for this step).

3- if I found him, then the search is, then, much easier.

4- if I had not found him, I would go as far as asking friends and friends of friends (as a desparate measure) about him, which I find very creepy and strange.

5- Once I gathered a 'reasonable' amount of information, I would go to the local police and judicial system to get more information, if any.

6- I would then travel to Paris (or the last city I know he resided in) and visit multiple police stations to inquire about him. I will provide what proves that I am his son and that I do not plan on harming him.

7- I don't know if legal or not, I would hire an inspector, a professional, to look him up.

Meanwhile, I would really ask myself why in the world I would want to search for my father more than forty years later, and whether, or not, it would all be worth it.

Finally, I have very strange feeling about this abnormal question.

We hope for what is best for you and your father.


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