From South of France, here in Bogota looking for friends and a job

I'm Floriane from south of France. I'm in Bogota since 4 little months.
I'm looking for a job, some friendly contacts, interesting informations or creation of business!
Please, do not hesitate to contact me :)

Hola Floriana--nice to hear from you. I lived in the South of France, un peus pres de Nice, dans les Alpes Maritimes in the seventies. Yes, let's find a way to become acquainted. I have some French friends here. Maybe I can arrange for you to meet them as well. Best, Edward

Hello Flory!

How do you like living in Bogota so far?  I've just moved here about 3 weeks ago and still getting adjusted to everything, especially hearing everything in Spanish!  Please feel free to offer any tips or if you'd like to meet sometime.  Since I am very new here I would love to meet some new people


Welcome to the Colombia forum, Floriana.

There is an international group of Expats and friends of Expats that holds monthly gatherings in Colombia cities including Bogotá and Medellín.

I have just sent you a PM personal message stating the Internet URL of the Bogotá website of this “outside group” (meaning, not affiliated with  They are holding a 9th anniversary party in the capital this month.  Click on the envelope-icon above this thread to access the info.

cccmedia from Medellin

Hey Neddo,
I'll be very happy to know you a bit more!
I sent you a contact request.
Hope to heard about you soon :)

Hey Jinny!
Sure we can meet, drink a beer and share! With pleasure :)
Tell me your availabilities!

Thanks so much, I'll check it!

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