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Im Amel , from Tunisia ... Im married since March 2016... My husband is German. Im now in a Schengen visa which lasts for 3 months ( ends on the 07 November ) ...
Normally i need a German national visa to stay with my husband ... Thus im right now learning German in one of the schools here because i need a level A1 certificate ..
What i would like to know is :
Is there anyway to make all the formalities here and get a national visa without the need to go back to Tunis ?
Knowing that i am well informed about the formalities of National visa ( regroupement familial )

Kindly advise me if there is any public office that can help me here in Germany!

Best regards😉

I am afraid you need to go back to your country to apply for a family reunion visa - but please ask at your local Auslaenderamt if there is any other way!

Thank you for your reply 🤗

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