Save 50 Percent on Intra-Colombia Air Fares

As a U.S. citizen living in Ecuador, I do not usually qualify for discount air fares between cities in Colombia.

When I looked online for a flight from Armenia, Colombia, to Medellin this week at, the one-way fare (three days out) for an evening flight on Avianca air lines was listed at $202 U.S.  As usual, the flight plan called for a change of planes in Bogotá.

I then walked one short block from my hotel in Armenia to the Palmas de Cera travel agency, and showed them my one-way flight information.

They quoted a fare of $94 U.S. -- a savings of over 50 percent !

”Excelente," says I.  I had them sell me the ticket.


There were two reasons I went to the travel agency.  One:  the last time I made this trip, the ticket also cost less -- although not 50 percent less.  Two:  Avianca air lines did not accept my debit card last time .. and I do not use credit cards.

Now you know the rest of the story.

cccmedia, from Eje Cafetero, Colombia

Or do you ?

There might be some unanswered questions....

1.  Why would a travel agency be able to sell an air line ticket for 50 percent less than Avianca ?

2.  Could you get a 50 percent discount at another travel agency in your city if you tried?

3.  Why wouldn’t a big air line like Avianca accept my debit card ?

Fortunately, we have unlimited space on this thread for members to shed light on this subject.

cccmedia, from Eje Cafetero

Following up on the one-way fare AXM-MDE that was $202 U.S. ...

The round-trip fare I found at -- AXM-MDE-AXM, with return flight one week after the AXM-MDE portion -- was $392 U.S.  One infers there could be a big savings obtained by booking the round-trip flight at the travel agency.

cccmedia, from Eje Cafetero

Even if u are outside of Colombia do not click on the international site on aviancas webpage click on Colombia, option of English or Spanish, prices are in pesos, and prices less than on international site, foreign credit cards accepted but no debit cards

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