Hopefully will be in Amsterdam soon!!

Hello everyone!! Newbie here. I'm khin from Philippines and been looking for a site that I can get to know other people doing the same process as me or having the same goal of migrating to NL. I just took my Civic Integration exam last August 19 and still waiting for the result. Bit nervous but Im positive i will pass. Cross finger ;) . Hoping to meet new people here. Thanks!

Hello po. ..komusta. .? How's the exam. ? Is that  difficult. ? How many  question  they give for reading exam. ? Do it need  appointment first before  going to the embassy  to take exam. ? Pls guide me. .thank u

Hello! The exam  is quite simple. The speaking test was not that hard especially if u know lots of dutch vocabulary cos from the exam you onlu need to complete the sentence by adding one word. The reading test also not so hard cos there are choices given and the KNS most of all questions are from the website. I also bought book from ad appel which also helped me but i suggest get some learning materials at cos it's really helpful and they also have demo on how to make the exam and also the same as what the embassy will show u. The more Dutch vocabularies you know the better.
I'm still waiting for the result and I'm actually bit nervous but hoping will get it within a month rather than 2 months.

Btw regarding the appointment Yes you have to make an appointment first before youn can take the exam and please take note you have to pay first the DUO for the exam and wait for the payment confirmation and send it to Embassy when making an appointment.

Thank u so much..kabayan. ..actually  I'm doing self study  only while I'm still here in Netherland  for visit my bf...I plan  to take exam by October. ..I used the naanetherland. nl. For my teaching materials  and my bf also  buy for me prisma  book. .. and my bf told me to enroll  dutch language school in Phil  when I arrive. ..but if the  exams u can find only in naanetherland ...I think no need to go into school  ..cos very expensive...thank you  again kabayan for the info..

I also do Self Study.. I studied for a month straight and I was confident to take the exam and will pass  hehe..cross finger! You can do it too.. the room that you will take the exam at the embassy is comfy and will not make you nervous at all. Just pray, pray and pray. When is your plan to take the exam? you went there as tourist only? By the way, where in Netherland you live? Cannot wait to be there too! Your Bf is Pure Dutch? happy to meet you here kabayan!!!

Yes po. .I'm coming  for tourist visa. ..he is pure dutch..siya  then  taga teach  sa  akin  nang  pronunciation. .everyday  dito  sa bahay  Sabi  ko sa kanya  mag talk  tyu  nang  dutch  pra  matutu  ako. ..pero..Yong bigkas  nila  kasi  iba. ..kaya I'm not confident  to talk  exam. .bka  sayang  lng  pangbayad ko  tapus  hindi  mkapasa. ..I do study  reading. .marunong  na ako. ..he hehe. Only speaking. ..pag  mag  usap  kami  nang  dutch  nang  bf ko. ..hindi  kmi  nagkakaintindihan. .kasi  wrong grammar. .Lalo  siyang about you kabayan. ? Direct  MVV  visa  ka. .? Can I have your  what's up  number. .? Dito ako  sa leeuwarden. ..ikaw San sa Holland. ?

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Hi primadona.. Sorry if i didn't notice your comment,  I'm still not used of this site and still learning. I also thought the it was PM have to double check again but thanks so much for letting me know.. Will just delete my reply with my number. Thanks!

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Hello kabayan..I'm sorry. ..I didn't know  that not allowed  to ask personal number here. .but anyway  thank you  so much  for the info  about the MVV exam..I do I know your real name kabayan. .? Thank u...

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