How to bring fiancé to Kuwait to reside


I am an American citizen teacher that has accepted an offer to work as an educator on a 750 KD Salary and my fiancé is Indian citizen, electrical engineer major working as an designer engineer (presently) in India.

We are looking for the best routes to help us both reside and work together in Kuwait legally.

What are the steps to take to first get him here (tourist visa or visa it visa a small how?)?

Is it easier to just renew a tourist visa than switch to a dependent visa?

Can you get hired on a tourist or visit visa?

We basically are looking for the best way to go about getting him there on Kuwait for us to marry (what's that process), and for him to be able to find work and stay in Kuwait.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP. :( detailed explicit advice is requested.

Feel free to private message me to give me information directly.

Hi dear,

Well from what I know, there is nothing called "Tourist Visa".

The only way a person can touch the Kuwaiti lands is as follow:

1- Getting Visa upon arrival. That is applied for some nationalities. Unfortunately Indians are excluded.

2- Visit Visa: A direct member of his family shall invite him. I don't think being his fianceee will allow you to ask for  a visit visa as still you are not married.

3- Working Visa: Let him find a job and wait for company to issue him a working visa.

Well sorry if I didn't hold any good news but yeah things are tough here :)

Thank you. This was enough to help us in deciding our next step which may be to live in India to gain a few more years of experience. He feels with his lack of experience he won't get any luck just like here in India.

Here's the thing; your getting a job here does not enable him to get residency here - a husband is allowed to sponsor his wife but vice-versa is a more difficult process that requires per-case exception.

he would need to get a job here to join u here.

either that or by naturalization as an american citizen he would get visa on arrival.

its sad i know, this is the way Kuwait works.

I see, very difficult. Well we may not reside I Kuwait. Is it the same difficulties in the UAE or more difficult?

i think it would be best to ask on the UAE forum :)

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