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I'm reading all I can about DR. I want to have a good understanding of the country I may be calling home. There are so many positives of semi retiring there. We have found a home on the hills of Last Terrance with lots of room. We want to use as a Bed and breakfast.
But also negatives.  I found this website. … usiness_in

Very scary stuff. Have any of you expats had issues of losing money from your investments? How do you protect yourself?
Also reading a book "What about your saucepans?" Written by an English woman that moved to DR. She was shot during a robbery.  But loves the Dominican
Thank you.

The article you refer to is BS in my opinion.  Yes the government is corrupt but they are up front about it unlike other places (like the US).  If you are careful then your investments here will be as secure as anywhere else but you need to be VERY CAREFUL on what you invest in.

Crime yes there is crime here and the petty crime is can be pretty bad depending on where you are (large cities). In the over 10 years of living here full time we have been a victim of this just once and that was in Santo Domingo when my wife had a necklace ripped off her neck.

Most major crimes involve drugs, love triangles or other matters of the heart, or revenge.  Just like anywhere else houses can be broken into and random major crime can occur.  If you are careful again you can pretty much avoid this but not a guarantee.

Overall we have been quite happy with our time in the DR.

Bob K

I read that same website...and that plus a few incidents on the North Coast scared the begeezus out of me.  Then the Uber driver in Kalamazoo (smaller city in Michigan) went on a shooting rampage and I thought, no where is really safe.

Check Crime Stoppers Republica Dominicanaut .  It's a honest view into the expat point of view on crime and what they/we can contribute to make things safer.

The best advice people give us is to keep a low profile and not advertise what you have. Even those of us with only mild means are 'rich' compared to most Dominicans.  FYI:  Our house is not in a gated community...and we didn't want to be in one.  Pros and Cons.

Thank y'all for responding. I feel better. And your right, crime and  corruptions everywhere. We have traveled quite abit. I never bring my jewelry. It will b in safe box in US. Won't have to worry about drugs or love triangles.
Really the only investment  We will be doing is the home we will occupy and rent rooms to tourists.
  I appreciate the encouraging opinions.

If done right you should be fine. Our only investment has been our home and a condo that we recently sold.  I agree a low profile will do you well

Bob K

Have a condo in Cabarete and I am looking for furniture. Anything on line to see what's available, then have it delivered when we are there? Thanks

no you really have to go to the stores, see what you want and then have it delivered.

IKEA is the only one I know will deliver with an online order.  Then you have to put it together.

Bob K

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