Sailing scene in Malta

Hiya all,

My family and I are moving to Malta at the end of this year, and I'm looking into getting into sailing (living on an island in the middle of the Med, I'd be crazy not to look into it!).

I know pretty much nothing about sailing, so I was wondering if there is a big scene where I could maybe learn a bit with friends before deciding whether to buy a cheapish boat and cruise the med!

I saw there are some schools for the license, but I was wondering if a lot of the people have boats and are looking for people to come (to help out etc) or whether I'd just need to do some lessons and bite the bullet when finances eventually allow.

Any info about possibilities would be great!

Best is you find people/working colleagues with sailing boats and make trips with them ... maybe for a small compensation at the beginning  :)  ... or you offer to share the fuel costs for a motorboat cruise

Yeah, I was wondering how hard/common that would be (I'm assuming not very hard due to Malta being an island). Of course I would be willing to help with costs especially in the beginning when I'm learning, can't have someone else pay my way!  I was hoping to experience more sailing, because of the cost, and the ability to cruise longer distances in the future. I know there's a lot to learn, not just about sailing, but how to fix stuff though in order to make anything really viable on a normal job.

Hey Dorieus,

I'm in the same boat as you (no pun intended).  Check out the Malta Sailing Academy, they have everything you need.  I'm currently doing my RYA lvl 2 as i'm planning on getting a nice Sea Ray eventually, just need to get all the stuff in order, but one thing I can tell you is the costs of boat ownership are still the same here.

30% of actual value of boat, you can expect to pay per year for maintenance/storage and licenses. :)

Good luck!

Yeah, I was expecting costs to be the same. The % value really does depend on the state, value of your yacht, and where you moor it. I'm not sure on the mooring fees in Malta specifically, but it will vary depending on how long you are there, and how long your boat is. Getting licenses for navigating I'm kinda seeing as something separate. Motor boats are going to have higher petrol costs, also - sailing boats less petrol, more maintenance.

I'm not really planning to buy a boat initially, I want to see how much I like it first.

I hear you can get a lot of sails on a voluntary basis, and shared costs around the world. Probably some crews heading to the Canary islands for the Atlantic crossing may need people from Malta, or maybe coming the other way, but then there is always the problem of getting home depending on where you are going to / coming from. I think some crossings, and cruises though like this may make me more aware of the reality, and be like cheap almost-holidays and if they involve Malta in one leg, that would help.

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