Medevac Insurance

We are preparing to drive from California, through Mexico, into Belize next month. We were considering international travel insurance, but then found out about medevac insurance. Do any of you in Belize keep a medevac policy? What are the pros and cons? Other options?


strange question. the pros are pretty straight forward

Perhaps, but being that I don't have first hand experience, I was hoping someone with experience might weigh in. I suspect some expats have emergency medevac insurance and some do not. I'd like to hear their rationale, please.


Good morning. There are a number of air evac. services you can utilize, and some may be associated with your health insurance company or provided by your health insurance policy. Most of the plans are pretty inexpensive in general.
I 'use' AirMed International ( because I have worked with most all of the staff in the past, and I am confident in their competence and skills. They have transported people like Henry Kissinger, etc. Hopefully I won't ever have to actually use their services - but you never know.

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