Long stay in Torteguero?

Hello all: I am a 45 year old public interest attorney living in the US. I am hoping to take off a month or two this winter to explore an area in Costa Rica. My main interests are flat/water kayaking, hiking and sketching. I am looking to stay primarily in one spot so I can get a flavor for the community and do some volunteering with the community. I had originally chosen nosara but it now seems to me to be too built up touristy young and expensive. I was thinking of Torteguero because there are so many river kayaking opportunities avx it seems relatively easy to get to frim the airpoet(as opposed to Sosa, my real first choice.) was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about staying in Torteguero for a long period of time or if this was more a place people go to just for a few days, also whether it would be safe for me and whether there might be any artists willing to give lessons in the area. I have spent a ton of time online but cannot seem to get an answer to these questions. Any thoughts appreciated. Many thanks! Stefanie

HI Stefani

As someone who has lived here 26 years and because of owning a successful B&B 90% full year round (Now retired and rent only apartments monthly.) ..I LOVE Tortuguero and 80 % of my guests took 3 day/2 night trips.there and loved it ...but felt 3 days was plenty.
.I was always invited to the Lodges for free for sending so many guests it was often my glorious escape.
But after 3 days and my guests  all felt the same, it was time to get back to my quiet little farm in the Hills of HEREDIA ..where the climate and views are incredible, and it is not too hot and humid as many places especially beach areas, AND thankfully the mosquitos do not like our Spring like temps (average 80F year round cooling  a little to great sleeping weather.
The heat and Humidity in the jungles of Tortuguro ...NOT to mention the now dreaded mosquitos may make you change your plans.
You may be different,  but personally as much as I love it.  I would go CRAZY after a week .after seeing and experiencing the beautiful canals  and sounds of Nature and wildlife..Then even as a writer it would be a lonely ,and perhaps boring experience.

Although in 26 years I have visited that awesome place at least  200 times each visit less than 4 days STILL plenty ...

My advice would be come to CR, rent an apartment,  Then go for 1 MAYBE 2 weeks,.Then see how you feel ..come back to the Central Valley a quiet place if that is what you need.YET a place to go when and if you need to shop or eat in a decent or modest restaurant..and  make several trips to Tortuguero (One of my favorite spots here )
Before you make definite arrangements for long term that is what I would do.

Maybe you will decide to have a home base in the Central Valley, absorb the local culture, by avoiding the Gringo Gulches and visit there often...just my opinion.

In any case it is an awesome experience..
If I can be of help PM me and good luck :)

Wow... I can't thank you enough for this information! You are the only person on any site that has responded to my post!. So thank you! Where would you suggest I go? I don't know about an apartment, as I am a solo femal in an unknown country and in all likelihood not nearly as adventurous when it comes to solo travel? Would proba my want to start off at a hotel or lodge and then take it from there. But I really have no idea where... Nosara, manual Antonia and the like seem way to crowded young and touristy. Ida looks like a dream but far and difficult to get to. Thoughts???

I sent an answer to you as a PM.

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