Final exit visa

Hi guys

Can you please tell me how to get final exit visa. My contract is finishing on Wednesday.

And  want to go back home. ..and come back after 6 months with a new company.

I told  my employer that I'm not signing the new contract I need final exit. ..but they are telling me that It will take time for me to get it.

Because it's not easy to get it..right now I am confused don't know what to please advise.

Please have a look at your contract for what does it say about resignation.

Usually, you have to resign one month ahead of your contract expiry date so that 30 days notice period could be served. Getting it issued isn't difficult at all. It may take a few seconds only.

Yeah I resigned long time back...I sent the resignation last month on 31st  of July. ..

And today they told me that it's hard to get it..
That I's why I'm confused I am even thinking of going straight to the headquarters. ..maybe when I'm there they will not delay me.

you can get it by complaining through Ministry of labor if you are not agree to sign new contract.
but it will also take time.

Why taking time. .while I gave them a notice  this thing does not make sense....

Is so  confused. Thanks  a lot guys

If its mutual between sponsor and Employee, it will took only 5 minutes to issue final Exit,

but if your employer is not agree and your going to complain in MOL, it will definitely take some time,
any way
best of luck

Mazaat. know I think that they are trying to hold me...of which I don't know the reason why.or maybe they think they will not find another teacher on time I have no idea. But I will call my embassy first to find out what to do in this situation.

THanks a lot

Final exit can be issued online but sometimes it is settlement/End of Service which takes time. Visit your headoffice and understand how many days will it take. By law it shall be 7 days but if they are not ready to sort it out soon, report this to MoL through their website, Twitter account or calling at 19911. They say they have bilingual speaking agents.

Thank you do much Eh..

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