21 days visa status refused - 28Aug2016

Dear All,

I visited Oman last month with 21 days visa. I have stayed 19 days in oman and return to India.

I have applied 21 days visa again yesterday. But my visa is refused.

May I know the interval time to apply again the 21 days visa.

Thank You All.

Hi muthu_tek,

The reason back-to-back visit visas are not issued is only because many expatriates take up employment and start working even when on a short term visit.

This is against the law. The company must get the required labour clearance before an expatriate can be engaged in any employment legally.

To put an end to this common practice, the rule states that between visit visas there has to be a minimum gap of 3-months.

Thanks for your valuable details Sumitran.

Where do we get information legally about this minimum gap of 3-months.


Hi muthu_tek,

From your sponsor, on whose sponsorship you got your entry visa. Or, if have been working for some organisation, then ask the company PRO to find out. I'm not sure if these details are available online. Try the Royal Oman Police website for details in any case.

Thanks Sumitran.

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