Driving License- UAE to Oman - Automatic

Hi ,

Saw some post about Driving license.

Can I able to convert my UAE Automatic Driving license to Oman Automatic Driving license ?

Actually am not able to get appropriate answer & way to get it done.

Kindly Advice.

Hi Royal Gulf,

Only manual driving licences can be converted.

But whether or not the ROP is now converting the UAE manual licence into Omani is something you will know only when you go to the ROP licencing office.

Rules on this issue keeps changing pretty much like all else official. So good luck.

I have automatic license in uae also please let me knw


Just check ROP Website.

To give you update on driving license for male uae license manual which was issued one year earlier. .and having gcc logo can be interchange. ..


You can change Dubai license ( Automatic ) to Oman License ( Automatic.) Just go to ROP license issuing section with Passport copies along with the Resident card. Better i suggest, to take a Omani gentleman with you if you know. Pay 20 Rials. Give eye test and within 15 to 20 minutes you will get the license. But only thing is you need to surrender the Dubai license.

Hope the above helps.

Any new rules for males changing uae automatic driving license to Oman license???

Dear all

Hi Im Deepak from India

I have been working in UAE past 3 years and do have an UAE automatic driving license. Recently i have shifted to Oman and thus awaiting to change my Automatic Driving license of UAE to Oman.
But from recent updates i have heard that in Oman , Men need to apply only for Manual driving license and not automatic.
I cant change my license to Oman .

Please update me with recent regulations regarding the Driving license.

Thank you in advance


Your automatic license could not be exchanged for Omani DL. Only one could get drum and slope test waved off and road test has to be passed.

Thank you for the  feedback

Before you are able to change the UAE driving licence by paying R.O20.But now you have to pass the test like others.

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