Hoping to meet others in Phil

Hey all I'm from Indiana USA I'm 30 New to forum hoping to meet others in Phil before I move planning on coming in June 2017 looking forward to hearing from you all

Welcome, I'm new here too. Great to hear that you are visiting here. You should plan now so you can visit all the beautiful place here. :) HAve a good day!

Welcome to the Philippines in advance. Hope to see you here in the Metro. If you wanna check out the night life in the Philippines when you move, please let me know.

Hi again, night life in the Philippines is great. I'll help you too if you would like that when you visit here. Gustavo Woltmann is glad to help :)

Thanks I plan on visiting as many places as I can while there

Great to hear that. check out Palawan or Boracay resorts. good view. You must be updated on the news. Right now is rainy seasons, so you should check the weather first before planning on going to tourist locations.

Just call Gustavo Woltmann and He'll bring umbrella or rain coat for emergency. just kidding :D

Okay thanks

What kind of business?

Possibly pm me with details

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