Window grilles

Does anyone know if you can get the wrought iron window grilles made. We want them for additional security. They were on our windows when we bought the house, but seem to have got 'mislaid' in the renovations.


In witch area are you? I know a British guy who does wrought iron work in VT area.

Were by chirpan.

I always fancied Iron grills to for the added security on my house, so did you originally have them on your house before renovation then they where removed by your builder? I once had 2 temporary steel doors on my house while the Upvc doors where being ordered they disappeared too! If it ain't nailed down and all that.....
So good luck with the search and I'd be curious of the average costings for this?
Evan... this guy in VT does he supply and fit the window guards?
Cheer's Steve.

I'll keep you posted if I get to hear anything!

And yes we originally had them on all windows but they walked!

OK thank's yeah things do tend to walk, but it would be the same elsewhere I guess?
Well good luck on the Window grill front, the one good thing I have noticed on most houses is a solid concrete block to anchor the grill onto.
Best wishes Steve.

you can check here:

1.  Stara Zagora:

2. Stara Zagora … %82%D0%B8/

3. Plovdiv

4.  Kazanlak … 250_1.html

Some of these might have representative in Chirpan Area too

Wow!  I'll do some research. Thank you so much!

Hi Steve. Ice had lots of info from another member. Let me know if you can't see it and I'll forward websites.

Thank's got those link's and the computer translated the original text.
It is definitely something to go on now, although as websites go I kind of saw ££££ signs disappearing quickly!
But they look very good quality and you get what you pay for.
So thank's for the links Kristiann, I hope you are well.
And good luck Kazman with any purchase?
Cheers Steve.

Going to do lots of research!!!

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