I am Himanshu, I moved to Copenhagen in July 2016


I am Himanshu, I moved to Copenhagen on in July 2016. I am working here, but find it quite difficult to friend zone the danes. They have a line which you cant cross.. which makes it quite tough to be friends with them :( !!

I am Youtuber and software engineer by profession and love to party and hang out.

I am from India, where we are very open minded and really get close very soon, just talking an hour with a stranger would make your friend count +1. Which is true for for south europeans too i think.

Hence, would love to see some expats over beer or coffe.. let me know if anyone is interetsed.

Namaste and Tak  :heart:  ;-)


Hi Himanshu

It isn't common to go out on weekdays, and the weekends are full up reserved for family,  old friends, clothes washing, cleaning, tidying the housing up. If they have children, they just haven't time for anything else. The reasons may be numerous, but it makes it very difficult to establish friendships for a newcomer. I know it for myself even if I am a native.

When lunching next time, ask your closest colleagues for advice to create a social circle. Be open to them, e.g. say that you feel isolated and want to get a social circle. Ask them what they do in their leisure time, and if it is of interest to you, ask them if you can join them.

As a software engineer, I guess that you work in an international company where there might be others in the same situation. Set up a message on a bulletin board, on the Intranet .... and invite people to come to a get together (in a bar, in the canteen .......) with the aim of doing some activities together.

I'll also advise you to learn Danish as fast and best you can. The teaching is free, and beyond the language, you'll find others in the same situation, people who are independent and therefore have time for socializing and not at least have a need for creating a social circle. Danish will help you a lot to get in touch with the Danes. Only speaking English will normally keep you isolated in groups.

Do you know of this society:
Start tomorrow: … tup-Group/

My best advice is: Don't wait for others to take the initiative, grab it yourself.

Have a good Sunday. You can see what is going on today here:



Hope this message finds you good. I would be moving to Copenhagen for a work assignment. I work for a software major in India.
Could you please share some information regarding life in Denmark ? It would be very useful.


Dear Himanshu,

Iam Nuwan living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. since iam interested in moving to Denmark i have done some reasearch and found that Danes a very warmly people, you should find lot of friends by now. Good luck

Wish you a happy new year!!!!!


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