Is there any place I can leave my baby few hours?


I have a 15 months boy, I'm taking care of him alone,  sometimes i want take a break, maybe 2 hours every three days.  but don't like nanny come to my home .

Is there any place I can leave him for few hours? Like kindergarden or playground or some private home? I heard before there is a Philippines couple offer such service in dis7. But I didt find on google . I'm living in dis1, but don't mind bring my kid to other district.

I've just asked my wife :p
She recommends you to bring your boy to a school. Some of them allows for just half a day without registration (Ticket only).
Our daughter is at Boules et Bille (French one) and they offer this option.

Or some cafes got a place for babies to play, some with a nanny. (But probably not professional)

Good luck

PS: we sent our daughter to kindergarden relatively early (1Y old), for the morning and this has helped wife / free up her time / no need for nanny.
To consider as well (And good for the kid to be more social)

Hi.  Are you still looking for a babysitter?  I'm happy to look after your boy for few hours during the day :)

I understand that baby-care is pretty dismal here, as in most of asia.

Have heard horror stories of day-care etc here.

Would be nice to think you could trust someone to take care of your child without them beating them or just ignoring them whilst you are away.

I think, basically , u have to go the local route of only trusting close frinds and , (maybe) family.

I worry so much about any kind of play-school/ kindy for my kid.

HELL, ive worked in them. not too bad, but kinda like a concentration camp; a bit worse than when i was a toddler i guess.

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