Please translate

Giờ chỉ mong cho bình an, qua hết năm xui tháng hạn. Sao dạo này mình gặp đủ thứ trên đời. Tháng cô hồn là nặng nề nhất. Khổ thân thiệt. Khổ quá mà...anyone can help me translate exactly this words in English?

Now I would long for inner peace during these unlucky times. Why bad things keep happening to me now and it is getting worst in July? Fml...Fml...

Trust me I tried :lol:

Confirmation at last!

I knew there was something wrong with me!

Bless your cotton socks for confirming it.

I am now your (XslaveX)    ..Ok, faithful servant..?

..or should I wait for the next Moon reading..?        :proud

Is that what it means?so confusing..I didn't get anything..Hahaha

(Chinese) Lunar reading: bad stuff in July.

You can stop worrying: we're over it.      :whistle:

Now only hope for peace , through all five unlucky month term . Why have I seen lately everything in life . May her soul is the heaviest . Suffering body damage . Suffering too but ..

Thanks for helping me to translate,are u Vietnamese?

#6 - As I have noted elsewhere, Google Translate (which you have used) translates poorly from Vietnamese to English.  Here is my attempt, Corrections welcome:

"Right now I only want some peace and quiet, to be past these unfortunate times. Why is life so hard for me now?  The Month of Wandering Souls [seventh lunar month] is the most difficult. Truly difficult, So difficult. "

I am Australian and my Vietnamese wife helped me.

Hahaha..thank u so much,same as the Google translation meaning,

If you follow the Google translate you would be at a loss to know what it actually means.

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