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Hi everyone i am moving to al mubarraz in al hasa region after having job offer there .please any one can help about the cost of living ,safety, availability of transportation gym and other entertainments and how friendly are the people there

Its a good place, just like a town area but everything is available here. The cost of living in al hasa is less than all eastern cities. Yes, the GYM is there at walk-able distance but its depend in which side of Mubarraz you are staying.  Its safe no need to worry. The transportation is available (local vehicles and sometimes taxis) and its cheaper. NO ENTERTAINMENT,,, however, its not in the whole Saudi except some small parks, malls and restaurants. Peoples are helpful and friendly and its depend on you that how friendly you are with others ;)

Thank you very much ZarifImran

I would like to ask if there is a compound in al hasa and if there is a one how much it costs

What do you mean by Compound?

Hello Zariflmran

Here a compound means a place that rents apartments to people, sometimes a gated community with buildings having several apartments and other facilities within, such as Pool, Gym etc.

Do you know if there are such compounds in Al Hasa?


Sorry bro,,, I never have any exp about this but ofcourse there will be, for that you have to look for offices who rents compound.

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Regarding  AlHasa.. if you are moving there as you said with aramco.. so there is a compund for aramco...

I am sure they should arrange for you as i heared.

AlHasa is very nice place.

If he directly recruited through Aramco then he will get all the facilities, he don't need to worry about anything, but if he is recruit through sub contractor then he have to look for accommodation himself (if he have family with him, if bachelor then sub contractor also will arrange the accommodation).

Thank you very much

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